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Distributors and Products DOWEX RESINS housing filter catridge Pentair tank purolite resins RO & UF brosure softener tank flow chart *Click to Download… »read more

Brosure Rojen Chemicals
Brosure Rojen Chemicals ROCIDE 25 ROCIDE 100 ROCIDE 125 ROCIDE 330 ROCIDE 350 ROCIDE 360 rocor b-50 rojen b-35 rojen b-205 rojen b-207 rojen B-210 rojen B-218 rojen b-500 rojen b-0835 rojen b-0925 rojen b-1533 Rojen b-1600 rojen b-2032 rojen c-550 rojen c-688 rojen c-1022 R… »read more

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About us
PT. ROJEN  Menara Asia World class Water Treatment Capabilities for industries Rojen chemicals are supplies water treatment chemicals especially in boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, and reverse osmosis treatment chemicals.Our chemical engineers are trained to ensure proper applic… »read more